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Signs a Woman is Attracted to Another Woman

signs a woman is attracted to another woman - featured image
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signs a woman is attracted to another woman
signs a woman is attracted to another woman

Lesbian, bisexual, pansexual – whatever you choose to call yourself, there are some glaring signs a woman is attracted to another woman. Also, it’s essential to have positive, healthy relationships with other women in your life.

In order to do this effectively, there’s a need to know how to recognize the signs that another woman is attracted to you, so you can comfortably express your own feelings without getting rejected or making her uncomfortable! After a long day at work, one of the best feelings in the world is going home to your significant other, kissing her, and wrapping your arms around her while she kisses you back.

You can feel that she’s as happy to see you as you are to see her, and everything seems right with the world. But what if that woman wasn’t who you thought she was? What if she was in fact attracted to another woman?

Even more intriguing, what if you were actually attracted to this other woman? While it’s natural to want to know whether the girl you like likes you back, asking Is she into me? too soon can scare her off. Wait until the time is right, and you’ll have no doubt about whether she’s attracted to you or not. Here are 10 undeniable signs a woman is attracted to another woman.


signs a woman is attracted to another woman - wink
signs a woman is attracted to another woman – wink

Eye contact and winking go hand in hand. If you catch her checking you out, slowly wink back to let her know that she’s not alone. The more eye contact you make with her, and vice versa, the more likely she’ll be attracted to you.

Don’t do it too much because it will come off as creepy and unnatural if you overdo it—just subtly throw in a few winks here and there.

In fact, adding a little bit of humor into your exchanges makes them feel natural and easygoing; making things overly formal might work against your cause.

When people are attracted to each other, they often flirt with their eyes and facial expressions. Take notice of how she looks at you.

If she wiggles her eyebrows or makes eye contact and then looks away in shyness, she may be flirting with you nonverbally.

Women who are attracted to other women also make eye contact more frequently than heterosexual women do. Read: How to Make a Woman Fall in Love with You

One Hand Holding Hands With Another Girl

signs a woman is attracted to another woman -Hand-holding, Arms Over Shoulders

Holding hands with another girl or woman will clue you in on her feelings towards you. If she has one hand holding yours and one hand around your waist, then it’s fairly obvious that she likes you.

This may seem like an overly basic sign, but just remember that sometimes women aren’t direct when they are trying to tell us something (because it’s hard). So if she wants to hold your hand, then let her!

It may not be anything serious yet (you don’t know), but it could always become more than that later on. And since nothing ventured is nothing gained, why not give it a try?

Holding hands with another girl doesn’t necessarily mean that you are attracted to her. It could be just for fun, for comfort, or because she was cold.

If you’re going to go by hand-holding as an indicator of attraction, though, there are two important things to consider: one, that you try it out and see how you feel about it before calling other women out on doing it, and two, that if someone calls attention to your hand-holding with another woman they could be making a pass at you without having any other ideas in mind at all (in which case don’t take it personally).

The same goes for texting habits; do what makes sense for your life and if anyone has an issue with it just explain yourself once.

Signs a Woman is Attracted to Another Woman -Kisses on the Lips

signs a woman is attracted to another woman-Kisses on the Lips
signs a woman is attracted to another woman-Kisses on the Lips

Sometimes, it’s hard to interpret whether or not someone is flirting with you. You can, however, read into certain cues such as body language and facial expressions.

When an attractive woman has her mouth closed while talking to you, then leans in and kisses you on your lips – she wants something.

Though not always desirable, it usually means she finds you attractive too and might just be interested in more than just conversation. While men are typically less obvious about their flirting, they sometimes give out similar signs that might go over your head.

If a man blushes when looking at you for more than two seconds straight, particularly if he continues to smile after turning away – there’s a strong chance he finds you appealing.

Signs a Woman is Attracted to Another Woman – Eye Contact

signs a woman is attracted to another woman - Eye Contact
signs a woman is attracted to another woman – Eye Contact

When you’re interested in someone, whether they’re male or female, your body language will be more open and inviting.

Eye contact is key. If a woman doesn’t look at you when she talks, it might be a sign that she isn’t interested in talking to you and could be flirting with another woman instead. Notice when she meets your gaze and keeps it for longer than usual—this might also indicate interest. Read: How to Make a Woman Fall in Love with You

Try to hold her gaze for about five seconds as well (that’s how long most people can hold eye contact without feeling uncomfortable). Women tend to blink more often than men, so if she seems overly intent on staring at you, then it could be because of attraction.

Signs a Woman is Attracted to Another Woman- Hugs

signs a woman is attracted to another woman - hugs

The biggest clue that someone has an interest in women as more than friends might be as simple as whether they give you a hug. In heterosexual relationships, hugging tends to be reserved for loved ones.

If someone isn’t giving you hugs, take it as your first sign that there could be something else going on. At least, that’s what straight people do! Hugging isn’t usually used in queer culture to express intimacy, but it can be an outward show of affection between two women who are interested in each other.

It may also mean nothing at all! But if you find yourself continually being denied hugs from other girls, pay attention and see what other signs are there.

When it comes to flirting, some say actions speak louder than words. So, if you’re watching your crush carefully, you might notice her enjoying prolonged hugs with other women or giving her friends extra tight squeezes.

A hug from a girl who likes girls will be similar in strength and duration to one from someone else (maybe just with more hair-touching). In other words, same length of squeeze and no lingering for too long on any one area of their body – which includes your neck and arms.

On the other hand, she might give guys bone-crushing bear hugs that last way longer than they need to; so keep an eye out for that.

Stroking Forearms

signs a woman is attracted to another woman – Stroking Forearms

Have you ever noticed that many women have an innate attraction to touching other women’s forearms? For example, if you’re out with a group of girls and are saying something silly, chances are one of them will reach over and touch your forearm.

It’s almost automatic. And while it might not seem like a big deal, it’s actually very telling.

Forearm stroking (light touches on top of the skin) has been shown to increase oxytocin levels in women, making them feel more connected (and happy).

So next time your girl starts touching your arm, think about what she could be saying without words. Are you just friends? Or could she be ready for something more?

Plays with Hair

signs a woman is attracted to another woman -Plays with Hair
signs a woman is attracted to another woman -Plays with Hair

Whether or not it’s conscious, many people (men and women) tend to unconsciously play with their hair when they are nervous. A woman who feels comfortable around another woman may unconsciously reach out and touch her hair or even wind strands of it around her fingers.

Alternatively, if you want to get really obvious about it, gently stroke or caress your own hair and see how she reacts! If she quickly reaches out and mirrors your movements then that’s also pretty good evidence in favor of your hypothesis.

She might even do so without realizing what she’s doing. In any case, these sorts of hair signs are usually hard to miss—but just remember that not everyone will exhibit them. Some people just aren’t particularly touchy-feely by nature and don’t need or want physical contact with others to feel comfortable. But for those who do… well, there’s your telltale sign!

Girl PDA (Public Displays of Affection)

signs a woman is attracted to another woman – Girl PDA (Public Displays of Affection)

In most cases, affection between women is not as obvious as it would be if both parties were men. Some of these signs, however, are not all that subtle. You may want to consider sharing your affections in public at least once—just so everyone can see how much you care for each other. Here are some signs:

  • Stay close together while walking down a crowded street. * Hold hands while waiting in line or watching a movie.
  • Sneak quick pecks when no one else will notice (or they will notice and pretend not to!).
  • Squeeze shoulders or rub arms while sitting next to each other on public transportation.
  • While out with friends, hug and kiss hello/goodbye.
  • Go out dancing alone or with friends. Be sure to dance with lots of different people…and end up dancing with each other last!
  • Take frequent breaks from studying together to hold hands and cuddle on a couch in a coffee shop or library.
  • When leaving an event, take turns pushing open doors for each other and holding them open until your partner has passed through.

Hand-holding, Arms Over Shoulders, etc.

signs a woman is attracted to another woman -One Hand Holding Hands With Another Girl
signs a woman is attracted to another woman -One Hand Holding Hands With Another Girl

Holding hands is a sign of trust, which can be built between two people quickly—even if they’ve only just met. It can come off as trying too hard or desperate if you reach for her hand before there has been any physical contact.

Always wait until she offers her hand before you take it. Also, take note of how she holds your hand while walking; does she keep a hold on tightly when getting out of cars or moving around in crowds?

This can also imply that she feels comfortable with you and trusts your judgment. If that’s true, it could mean an attraction has been sparked. She may even want to hold your hand while sitting down at dinner, watching TV together, etc.

While some women like to casually touch their partner’s arm or shoulder when talking about something exciting (and many men like being touched by their significant other), some women will do so without even realizing it!

This subconscious signal of interest is another way a woman may let you know she’s attracted to you—but don’t get ahead of yourself yet! There are still more signs below. Pay attention!

Being Chivalrous and Friendly

signs a woman is attracted to another woman – being friendly

Remember those high school math lessons where you learned about vectors? (If not, it’s okay.) How some things can be multiplied and others added? The human brain works in much the same way. In fact, you have what is called sexual and emotional vectors.

For men, sexual attraction leads to emotional closeness. On average, men fall in love with women who are more beautiful than they are. Women are more attracted to men who treat them well than those who don’t.

This is why chivalry isn’t dead—it’s an efficient way for women and men to find each other attractive. It makes sense when you think about it; no one wants their girlfriend or boyfriend going out of their way for just anyone!

So if you want to know how to tell if a woman is into another woman, start by being friendly and kind. She’ll notice.

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